Portable solution with OIL-Check, particle counter PC 400 and DS 500 mobile


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CS-Instruments comprehensive air quality monitoring system for compressed air and gasses consists of Oil Content Measurement, Particle Counter’s and Dew Point tied together with the DS500 chart recorder for viewing the data.

The complete system measures and documents the residual oil content, particles and moisture in the compressed air system as per ISA 8573. Threshold values required can be entered for each parameter into the DS500 chart recorder and alarms assigned for when the thresholds are exceeded by the Particle Counter, Moisture Sensor and OIL Check.

OIL Check - measures the vaporous residual oil content (polyalphaolefins, aliphatic hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, functional hydrocarbons, aromatics) in the compressed air. Measuring Range is 0.0006 - 5 mg/m³ residual oil vapor content.

Particle Counter - measures particles from a size of 0.1 μm and is therefore suitable for monitoring of the compressed air quality class 1 (ISO 8573). Number of particles per m³ Particle size channels: 0.1...0.5 μm, 0.5...1 μm and 1...5 μm . Further particle size channels on request.

Moisture - measures the pressure dew point in the compressed air down to -80 °Ctd