LD400 - Leak Detector


The leak detector kit includes a robust impact-proof transportation case which contains all necessary components and accessories. Includes a colored scale to distinguish between smaller and larger leaks.

LD 400 Set includes:

- LD 400 Leak detector

- Transport case

- Sound-proof headset

- Focus tube with focus tip

- Battery charger

- Acoustic trumpet

The built in ultrasonic transmitter is targeted so that the acoustic waves reach the piping system. The resulting ultrasonic signal passes through smallest holes which are then detected by the LD400 via the acoustic trumpet. Even very small leaks at hatches, doors and windows are found.

The specially designed acoustic trumpet focuses the acoustic waves and acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are excluded. Even leaks in hard to access and noisy areas are easily detected by the LD400.


- High sensitivity

- Exclusion of interfering ambient noises

- Robust and light weight, low fatigue use

- Improved detection of leaks with optional acoustic trumpet

- Modern lithium-ion battery with high capacity, external recharger

- Minimum operating time 10 h

- Easy operation via keypad