DS400DP - Dew Point Sensor with Wall Mount Graphic Display


Call for Pricing and Options

Chart recorder for stationary dew point monitoring of refrigeration or adsorption dryers. This is the DS 400 chart recorder packaged with a single dew point sensor. Includes graphic display with optional webserver for remote monitoring. 3 additional sensor inputs can be used with all CS-Instruments sensors and meters.

Standard with the DS 400 DP

- Dew point sensor for refrigeration or adsorption dryers

- USB interface

- 3.5" graphic display with touch screen

- Integrated mains unit for supply of the sensors

- 4...20 mA output of all connected active sensors

- Pulse output (for total consumption) in case of flow sensors

- 2 alarm relays (max. 230 V, 3A)

- DS 400 with FA 510 from -80...20°Ctd for desiccant dryers

- DS 400 with FA 510 from -20...50°Ctd for refrigerant dryers

- Other measurement ranges available upon request

Software options

- Integrated webserver

- Mathematic calculation function

- Totalizer function

Hardware options

- Integrated data logger

- Ethernet / RS 485 interface

- additional sensor inputs (digital or analogue)